Custom Key Fobs

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Reward your customers with Custom Key Fobs

Order custom branded key fobs that are compatible with your Loyalty rewards app.

If you have your own design ready, please forward it to and our design team will review your design and share feedback. We will send it for manufacturing when your design is good to go!

Simply place your order here if you have approved your design sent by us. Please purchase the design service if you would like us to design your key fob. 


Why not take this opportunity to download Loyalty by LoyLap from your ePOS app store.

We provide the following rewards with Loyalty by LoyLap.

Stamp Loyalty – A digital version of the classic loyalty system designed for low priced items with high frequency purchases.

Credit Back Loyalty – Offer a percentage back to customers on each purchase that they make. Change the percentage based on product basis to ensure the reward matches the margin.

Discount Loyalty - Offer an immediate discount to your loyalty customers, with the option to offer higher and lower discounts to different customers.