Custom Branded Key Fobs

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Custom Branded Key Fobs

Your brand, your fobs.

Once you have your design ready, purchase your custom branded key fobs here.

Don't have a design yet and want us to design your fobs? Purchase our Design Service here. If you have your own design reach out to us directly

Discover the convenience of our high-quality custom-branded key fobs, making it effortless for your loyal customers to earn rewards. With quick and easy attachment to their keys, your logo will always be at hand, ensuring seamless access to rewards and strengthening customer engagement. Your LoyLap key fobs come with CMYK custom printing, lamination, QR code, ID code and a CVV, ready to work with our system straight out of the box. With standard shipping and a 15-business-day turnaround time from ordering. Shipping prices are included see below -

Each item includes a shipping fee based on quantity:

Units up to 500 = $15
Units up to 1000 = $30
Units up to 2500 = $45
Units up to 5000 = $65
Units up to 10000= $80